Devon Boorman

Director of Academie Duello 

Devon is a living legend amongst his contemporaries. He is a leading researcher and practitioner of Renaissance and Medieval Martial Arts. He is a world renowned instructor and the Director of Academie Duello, the world's largest school for the practice of traditional European Martial Arts.



From dressage and jumping, Working Equitation to Liberty Work,  FVMC is committed to bringing a variety of learning opportunities and unique experiences to equestrians and Western Martial Arts enthusiasts living in the Valley.

Our Team

Fraser Valley Mounted Combat is excited to bring Historical European Martial  Arts (HEMA)  to the Fraser Valley of beautiful British Columbia. Our goal is to bring the highest calibre instruction possible to our students in both arms and in horse back riding. We are delighted to work in partnership with the world renowned historical school of swordplay Academie Duello and International Mounted Kassai Archer, Robert Borsos. All riding instruction is by a nationally certified coach and is focused on correct technique and position in order to allow riders not only to be competent in the saddle but also highly effective.

"It is fact that the better horseman beats the the better swordsman when fighting on horseback" 

Jennifer Landels

Clinician: Mounted Combat 

Jen is the Director of the Mounted Combat programs for Academie Duello. She is also an instructor in both Italian Longsword and Rapier. She is a life long equestrian and brought her passion for horses to Duello. Jen is a sought after HEMA clinician and travels to Europe yearly to teach.


Clinician: Mounted Archery 

Robert joined the Kassai world Cup in 2003 and his club, Borsos Torzs Horse Archery Club, become an official Kaissai school in 2006. He has competed all over the world and his club hosted Canada's first competition in 2005. They continue to host events in Canada and the US.

Robert Borsos

Academie Duello

Centre for Swordplay

FVMC is thrilled to regularly offer Academie Duello's classes right here in the Valley by having their certified instructor's come to Langley. Located in Vancouver, Academie Duello is renowned throughout the world of Historical European Martial Arts for its high quality programs, curriculum, and approach.

Stephanie Laversin 

Director/ Head Riding Instructor

Steph was certified as trainer of sport horses 1996 and an English Riding Coach in 1999. She has been running SL Equine Services since 2003. Steph has successfully completed Duello's Level 1 Instructor Intensive in Italian Rapier and Italian Longsword. Last year she began competing in Horseback Archery. She offers clinics, training and lessons in riding as well as Horseback Archery

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